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    • Neo Tools: NeoTork Tool is new patented downhole technology that offers improved drilling performance whilst reducing downhole vibrations including Stick-Slip
    • European Drilling Project: EDP is a unique combination of a Stabilizer/Reamer in one tool which allows much greater stabilization.
    • Impulse Downhole Tools: Power Pulse is reduced reactive torque tool, minimize cutter impact damage on drill bits and to allow for more uniform weight on bit (WOB) transfer from surface applied parameters to downhole actual parameters.
    • Distini: Distini is Specialized in Tubing Running Services.

Our Partners 

SAUDI NAPESCO has also partnered with several oilfield-related companies who have innovated oriented tool, namely in operating in the Drilling and Production sphere. We at SAUDI NAPESCO understand the requirements of the culture and the operational needs of customers and are committed to offer competitive solutions to our valued customers.