Manufacturing & Machine Shop Services - Pressure Test


API and Premium Connections threads:

-  NOV/ Grant Prideco/ XT Threading


Manufacturing capability:

- Pup Joints for Casing, Tubing, and drill pipe

-   Subs – Crossover, Bit, Lift, Collars, Circulating, Saver

Fishing tools

- Specialized Tools Manufacture to OEM specification

- Flex Collars / Pony Drill Collars

Hard banding and Pipe Management Services:
We provide Hard banding Services in a new application, re-application, and re-building of any tool joints that require hard banding.

Casing and Accessories:
SAUDI NAPESCO Casing Connection threading and repair division provides threading of API Casing (covered under the scope of the 5CT license) and other premium casing connections for casings, pup joints, and other accessories.

Downhole Tools & New Technology

Downhole Drilling Tools Rental:

- Drilling Jars and Shock Subs

- Downhole Tools (Reamers, Stabilizers, - Crossovers, Hole, Openers.)

- Tubular Rental

- Mud Motors for Performance Drilling and Rental, all sizes available

New Technology Downhole Tools:

- Anti-stalling downhole tool technology to enhance drilling performance whilst reducing downhole axial and torsional vibrations including Stick-Slip.

- New Generations of Stabilizers/Reamers combination tool which allows much greater stabilization and better hole cleaning and quality.

- A Unique extender reach tool (Friction Reducing Tool) that allows for a more uniform transfer of weight on bit (WOB) from surface

Thru Tubing Services:

We provide approved bottom hole assemblies equipment and qualified tools specialist to support several types and ranges of Coiled Tubing operations including and not limited to (Standard and complex cleanouts BHA’s, motors, agitators, milling and fishing…etc.).


Fishing & Remedial Services


Downhole Fishing Tools

We provide qualified Fishing Supervisors in conjunction with a full range of equipment capable of performing both Open and Cased Hole Fishing as well as all aspects of remedial work. Due to demand from various drilling contractors SAUDI NAPESCO are also providing the following management services for rig Fishing Tools inventory.

Fishing and Milling Tools rental. Saudi Napesco offers a variety of catch equipment for varied BHA along with remedial services such as casing exit systems, packer milling and retrieving services.







Hardfacing and Milling





SAUDI NAPESCO offers hardfacing and mill repair services locally with a strong and extensive experienced of dressing mills, stabilizers and other downhole equipment by applying state of the art quick tip system which ensures high quality workmanship and products.












Service Center


Saudi Napesco also offers facilities to our key customers for servicing their downhole and drilling equipment. Our skilled work force has extensive exoerience in servicing and redressing of downhole tools using globally acclaimed servicing equipment and machinery. Saudi Napesco also has a facility to pressure test and service IBOP valves and other pressure equipment for up to 22.000 psi. We are an authorized service center for leading valve manufacturers and international companies.









Gyro for Directional Survey Services


We provide with our partners East Coast Petroleum Services (ECPS) high accuracy wellbore placement technology.

ECPS is a specialized service provider of Drilling and Borehole survey which evolved by our experts to utilize the most advanced and innovative survey tools operated by highly qualified and well-trained experts and survey engineers.










Tubing Running Services


TRS is running a full range of Yubing and Casing services delivered by equipment manufactured to international oil field standard and complemented by experienced qualified personnel to provide high quality deliverables, dependable services and quantifiable resaults including but not limited to:

- Casing Drive System                   - Casing Tongs

- Tubing Tongs                                - Hydraulic Power Units

- Computer analysis system       - Slips and Elevators

- Bucking Services                          - Pick-Up & Lay-Down Machine

- Casing auto fill-up tool               - Automated Catwalk

 We understand that having a casing running provider you you can trust to get the job done right, the first time, is essential you rely on us to make your operation seccessful.

We're looking for innovative and cost-effictive solutions to improve our clients efficiency using drive system which has been specifically designed to automate the process of running tubular-reducing manual handling and increasing both efficiency both efficiency and safety performance.






Saudi Napesco wishes to maintain and improve upon their leading position in provision of repair, manufacture, servicing and parts within the capabilities of the company.

It is the objective of SAUDI NAPESCO to provide customers with services, which will meet and exceed the high standards of Quality and Reliability expected, and also meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our Company and our customer requirements.

To achieve this objective SAUDI NAPESCO will:

- Provide adequate recources and training to ensure the development and implementation of the Quality System.

- Ensure that all personnel understand and implement the Quality Policy.

- Manage and direct the implementation of the Quality Policy and Quality System.

- Demonstrate its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

- Aim to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes or continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable regulatory requirements.