Downhole Tools & New Technology

Downhole Drilling Tools Rental:

- Drilling Jars and Shock Subs

- Downhole Tools (Reamers, Stabilizers, - Crossovers, Hole, Openers.)

- Tubular Rental

- Mud Motors for Performance Drilling and Rental, all sizes available

New Technology Downhole Tools:

- Anti-stalling downhole tool technology to enhance drilling performance whilst reducing downhole axial and torsional vibrations including Stick-Slip.

- New Generations of Stabilizers/Reamers combination tool which allows much greater stabilization and better hole cleaning and quality.

- A Unique extender reach tool (Friction Reducing Tool) that allows for a more uniform transfer of weight on bit (WOB) from surface

Thru Tubing Services:

We provide approved bottom hole assemblies equipment and qualified tools specialist to support several types and ranges of Coiled Tubing operations including and not limited to (Standard and complex cleanouts BHA’s, motors, agitators, milling and fishing…etc.).